FN Global Meat awarded at

World Steak Challenge 2019

During the World Steak Challenge on 10 July 2019 in Dublin Ireland FN Global Meat has been awarded two golden and one silver award for Novillo Real beef from Uruguay.


The golden awards were won with tenderloin and ribeye. The silver award was won with striploin.


With Novillo Real FN Global Meat won the most awards for beef from Uruguay. Novillo Real gets crowned for its efforts to produce the best grainfed beef from Uruguay and shows it can compete with the best steaks from around the world. For more info:


FN Global Meat also imports Grandchester Black Angus grainfed beef from Australia. Grandchester by producer Mort & Co participated with nine entries and won two golden, three silver and two bronze awards. For more info:




World Steak Challenge

The World Steak Challenge since the start in 2015 has been the stage for the best steaks from around the world. In total 41 professional judges and 14 consumer judges tested more than 300 steaks (tenderloin, striploin and ribeye) coming from 25 different countries from 4 continents. The juries tested the steak raw and grilled for their aroma, colour, taste and fat marbling.