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Sales conditions:

All our offers/tenders to sell and/or supply goods/services, as well as all our agreements with clients/customers, are governed exclusively by our General Conditions. Our General Conditions are deposited with the clerk of Rotterdam Court on 22 January 2018 under reference number AL 5/ 2018. Upon request a copy will be sent free of charge and you can download them here for Netherlands/Belgium, here for Germany and here for all other countries.

Purchase conditions:

Purchases are in accordance with contract no. 15 (general) no. 26 (spot/free delivered), no. 27 (FAS/FOB/CIF/C&F) including arbitration clause of NOFOTA (Netherlands oils, fats and oilseeds Trade Association), oils, fats and allied products division. Parties declare to be informed about content of NOFOTA contracts in which italic printing has priority above non-italic printing. Parties specifically agree to settle all differences following from or in connection with above agreement according to arbitration rules of NOFOTA in Rotterdam (or elsewhere if agree upon).

In case contradictory provisions occur, our purchase confirmation provisions, set forth in our purchase confirmation, prevail. All costs caused by deviation from the mentioned instructions are for your account and will be charged accordingly. If any doubt please contact us immediately.