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Ibérico pork

The Ibérico pig is a pure pig breed and is known as the tastiest pork meat in the world.

Known for its Pata Negra ham, this meat is strongly marbled due to its type of breed, lifestyle and diet.

The range of Iberíco pork includes Secreto, Rib fingers, Frenched racks and Loin ribs. These are very popular products in the Dutch catering industry, but also at quality butchers.


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Ibérico assortiment:

  • Ibérico frenched rack

  • Ibérico tenderloin 

  • Ibérico presa

  • Ibérico short loin

  • Ibérico secreto

  • Ibérico neck pluma

  • Ibérico short neck

  • Ibérico cheeks

  • Ibérico loin ribs

  • Ibérico long fingers

  • Ibérico belly skinless

For more information about our Ibérico pork, the available range or technical questions, please contact the FN Global Meat sales team by calling 078-6531840 or email