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The next big food trend

Regenerative Raised Beef

FN Global Meat is proudly introducing a new trend in meat:

‘Regenerative Raised Beef’ under the MORUS brand from Uruguay.


Already trending in the United States, now available in Europe for foodservice and retail customers !


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What does Regenerative livestock farming stand for?

  • Pasture fed on verified regenerated soil
  • Animal welfare which goes beyond organic, cattle roam freely, year-round 24/7
  • Boosts biodiversity
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Reduces global warming 


This program appeals to the consumer who wants to eat premium quality beef while being conscious that it contributes to a better ecological environment.

We are convinced that somewhere in the future regenerative and the preservation and improvement of soil and the capture of carbon will become more mainstream and a standard in the meat industry.

We also see developments in the South American livestock and feedlot (grainfed) management becoming more holistic in terms of sustainability. New programs are being shaped for the future.

More background on Regenerative Meat and how it has become a new trend can be read in this article:


MORUS Assortment:

  • Striploin chain off 3.2+ / 4.0+ / Family pack
  • Tenderloin chain off 3/4lb, 4/5lb
  • Ribeye 1.5+ / 2.0+ / Family pack
  • Rumpheart
  • Rump cap 'Picanha' 
  • Rump tail 'Tri-Tip
  • Flapmeat 'Bavette'
  • Flanksteak
  • Topside cap off
  • Knuckle 
  • Topblade
  • Shoulder clod