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Over the course of time FN Global Meat has turned into one of the biggest meat import and export companies in Europe offering a wide range of chilled and frozen meat from various parts of the world. Our main product lines are lamb, beef, mutton and venison from New Zealand, Australia, North- and South America. Our company distinguishes itself by offering a wide variety of products and product lines from different origins, knowledge, quality flexibility and most of all customer service.


As one of the largest importers of chilled and frozen meat, we offer you a large variety of products from different origins.

From New Zealand, the biggest producer, we import a complete assortment of chilled and frozen lamb and frozen mutton. New Zealand Lamb and Beef are raised completely naturally. The flocks and cattle graze on open meadows, enjoying a diet of lush pasture, they are free range grown and free from all additives. The high rainfall, rich soils and gentle climate with mild winters and long warm summers allow animals to live outdoors all year-round. Food supplements common elsewhere in the world are unnecessary in New Zealand. Grass is available all year round. We import containers with chilled and frozen meat every week and can therefore supply you with chilled and frozen meat all year-round. 
Affco New Zealand is our main brand, other brands we import are Wilson Hellaby and Te Kuiti. 

The biggest part of our beef imports is beef from South America. South American is famous for her beautiful grasslands where the cattle can graze freely. The superb quality of the South American beef makes it very popular among our customers. 
We import beef from several brands from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Novillo Real from Uruguay is our most important brand, we the exclusive importer for this unique and high quality beef. 

From Australia we import premium beef from the well-known brand Grandchester. The Grandchester cattle are raised on natural pastures for the majority of their lives before being fed with customised grain ration. This ration is specifically designed to produce optimum eating quality and to enable year round consistency. 




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